Tuesday, November 17, 2015

2015 Gift Guide for Her

Hey y'all! I'm linking up with For the Love of Dixie as she is creating a 2015 Gift Guide! I love this idea and thought it would be fun to add a few of my thoughts...

A Gift Guide for the Hiker

Puffer Vest! Keep your core warm and look fashionable while doing it.
Hiking Pants! Every hiker needs a good pair of hiking pants that wick water away, but also allow for comfort whatever the season.
Wool Socks! Goodness, these socks are amazing. I have several pair and you should too. These socks are meant to handle the terrain.
Swell Bottle! Keeps hot things HOT and cold things COLD--for a very stinking long time. Perfect for hiking.
Hiking Boots! I love my low-top hiking boots, they have saved my feet from extreme terrains and have held up well for quite a long time now. These boots were definintely made for walking.
Hydration Backpack! Keep at those extra miles without getting dehydrated.
REI Tech Shirt! Tech shirts are an amazing invention--keeping you warm while being lightweight.

A Gift Guide for the Book Lover

Coffee Mug! I love fun mugs. Books beckon a warm cup of coffee or tea.
Personal Library Kit! Who wouldn't love to create their own personal library system?! You can also check out your books to your friends and still know who has them.
Printable Bookmarks! Coloring is very relaxing, so print a bookmark and make it your very own.
Flower Pressing Bookmark Kit! I absolutely love this creative and beautiful way to make personal bookmarks.
Beautiful Throw! Snuggle up with a beautiful blanket and a fantastic book, you'll be set.
Extras: For The Love Book! There is not a woman I know that wouldn't enjoy this book. Order your copy, ASAP.

A Gift Guide for the New Mom

A Sleep Mask! This is a beautiful gift because sleep is a beautiful thing, specifically to a new mom. And it's extremely affordable, at only $6.
Dry Shampoo! Life-saver, perhaps not necessarily a Christmas gift...though it's a great stocking stuffer.
Teething Necklace! Momma's gotta look nice--might as well make it functional too.
Sweet Coffee Mug! You are a boss. Yes, you, momma. Rock it. Enjoy that coffee, too. Worth every sip.
Nail Polish! Because who doesn't love being pampered a little bit?!
Extras: A new mom would also love to have someone pay for a massage and a manicure! Perhaps a morning of being able to sleep in, if you have the luxury of gifting such an item!

These are just a few ideas of mine, what would YOU add to the gift guide?


  1. What a fun list! I especially love the personal library idea. Thanks for linking up!

  2. What a fun list! I especially love the personal library idea. Thanks for linking up!

    1. I LOVE the personal library! It's more traditional than the personalized rubber name stamp.

      Thanks for hosting the link-up! I love the Gift Guides!