Tuesday, December 1, 2015

What I Learned :: November 2015

Does time ever stop? This month has flown by. I'll be linking up with emily p. freeman for her 'What I Learned' series for the month of November. That being said, check her site out and read what others have learned during this month and link up your own post, too!

November was crazy--beautiful, encouraging, busy. I've blinked and it's December. Bitter winds whip, ushering in the cold chaos that is the holiday season. Before we embark on the Christmas season, I want to reflect on what November taught our family.

Who actually cares about a red cup?
Grab some coffee and enjoy your life. Honestly, this is hilarious that people were ever upset over a cup. I would much rather grab coffee with a friend and dig deep into each others' lives over worrying about the cup it is served in. I love people, we are funny.

Patience and trust can go a long way!
Wow, the month of November was PACKED with opportunities to be patient. It was hard. Trying. Difficult. Challenging. Ultimately, we put our trust in the Lord and we are BLESSED for doing it. Patience is a discipline--one that I will continually have to learn, relearn, and be reminded of often.

Subway systems are neat.
We visited the Big Apple during November--we enjoyed it as much as we could, with both of us getting sick on our first trip without our sweet baby. One thing we were extremely impressed by was the subway system in NY. If we wanted to get anywhere. Google knew EXACTLY which line to take, when the next one is coming, etc. Technology is amazing.
Launching books is a lot of fun!
I was notified of two more launch teams that I am on--Breaking Busy by Alli Worthington and Raising Grateful Kids by Kristen Welch. I love to read and learn and read some more! I'll post more about the books later.
Self-reflection is necessary. 
I'm a list maker. A to-do list queen, if you will. Self-reflection helps me analyze what I can do to get things knocked off that list. Diana Kerr is a wonderful Christian Life Coach and she hosted a webinar on finishing 2015 strong--and it starts with creating a to-do list, setting goals, and wanting to achieve them! Analyze your action plan. Tyler and I have been setting goals (both short and long-term) and we discuss them every 6 months or so. I have NEEDED this in my life.

Decision making can be scary, but is ultimately rewarding!
I suck at making decisions. I would rather somebody else choose for me, because I know that I would be happy with anything. Unfortunately, that does not and cannot happen all of the time in this life. I made a tough decision this month...and I am proud of myself for it. I was given a super simple tip from a friend, she said to flip a coin with the two sides of the decision. As you flip it, you know in your heart what side you want it to land on--call it before it lands, and that is what you truly decide. It sounds so flippant; however, I was pleasantly surprised with how true this coin flipping has been for myself. I also realized that I was attempting to please the masses, instead of doing what was best for me.

People SWIM in the ocean on Thanksgiving.
That is crazy! They are brave. I enjoyed some time at the beach over Thanksgiving, but nothing was more bewildering to me than those that were swimming--and they were not in wet-suits or anything. We also heard some crazy Black Friday stories, but we decided to #optoutside and go to the beach instead. It was awesome--a fire, s'mores, and the ocean.

November, you've been a treat! Looking forward to what December has to offer!


  1. We also played outside on Thursday and Friday. It was beautiful weather for hiking...but NOT swimming. Yikes! Great list :)

    1. Thanks so much, Sara! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family--sounds like you enjoyed the outdoors too! :)

  2. That cup thing was crazy!