Saturday, October 17, 2015

#FridayFive :: Perks of Being 27

27 is an odd age. In between 25 & 30. Not a big milestone so to speak. Nothing new that you couldn't do when you were 26. BUT, I will say that there are a few perks to being 27...

-When you're 27, you're not in your 30s yet. You can still claim that you're in your 20s for a little while longer. Hold on to that while you can because 30 is coming for you soon! :)

-When you're 27, you have some wisdom to share. What you have experienced in these short 27 years of life might be worth sharing. You've enjoyed sharing this married life with someone for these past 6 and a half years--wouldn't have it any other way. Life has happened, and that's worth noting. God has shown up in big ways in your life in these short years on Earth! Boy, are we thankful! Share it. What good does it do you to experience things in life and not share what you've learned?! You've been given a story. Tell it.

-When you're 27, you've grown up in a generation that has a lot of information at your fingertips. You have the power to impact so much! The power can be used in different ways and you've seen it go both ways--to rip others apart and build others up. What are you doing with social media? Are you building others up with your influence or not? This really brings to light your heart in each post. Are you doing it for yourself or for others? It is for good or not? Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

-When you're 27, you realize that you're part of a great generation that has experienced life before social media advances and with these advances. In all actuality, it's pretty sweet. You can document life in a brand new and exciting way; however, the face to face communication is a dying art. Practicing genuine face to face communication is key and it's crucial to this life. Do more of this and there will be great reward--it builds community, trust, and love. You also have the opportunity to build your social media relationships and turn it into face to face ones! Just do it. It's wonderful and beautiful. Grab coffee. Go for a walk together. Write a letter even. Yes, a real handwritten letter--not just an email. These advances are wonderful, but we must not lose sight of the beautiful things that got us here.

-When you're 27, you've grown significantly in causing others to feel seen and known and loved. You're not perfect, you're only 27, but you realize that this is important. Because in these 27 years of life, you have needed, craved, and longed for these things. You've received it and are working to habitually do the same for someone else. Let them know that they are seen, known, and loved above all. You are learning to truly be there for people. To embody community. To embrace someone and live life with them. To stand in their corner and fight for them and love them.

PS-When you're 27, you can still do risky things! You're young and have time to recover if anything crazy happens. You only live once. You'll only be 27 once--make it count. Run your race. Make decisions and stick with your gut--you've lived life well thus far. Finish 27 strong. Before too long, you'll be 28. And then a whole different adventure begins.

What are the perks of being your age?

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  1. You make such a great point here. Your generation, I guess mine, too, knows life before social media. We know how important community is and how lacking in community our society has become. I think that is why we fight for it so hard. Thank you for linking up! #FridayFive

  2. At 27 I wasn't married yet and felt like a baby. You are a wise 27!!!