Friday, October 23, 2015

#FridayFive :: Five Smiles

I'm linking up with Mrs. Disciple again for this week's #FridayFive! Today, I'll be looking at Five Smiles and I couldn't be more excited!

Some of these smiles have changed over the years and others are constant in my life. As each season of life changes, so too do the things that make me smile.

This is a super precious one that joined our family several months ago. She has blessed our lives immensely and we are smitten. I have loved watching her learn and change and grow. I so look forward to what the Lord has in store for her life.

This handsome man makes me smile. He continually points me to Jesus and loves life. He reminds me to let things go, to catch sight of the bigger picture, and to try drinking black coffee. He loves well. Leads well. Lives well. Serves well. May we never forget where our blessings come from.

My community. These are my people. We do life together. And for that, I am eternally grateful. AND, I don't have a photo of all of us together. This MUST be remedied. I guess it's a good thing though--we are all so busy doing life together and cannot stop to take a photo. We are enjoying one another, confessing to one another, praying for one another, and loving one another...(at least, that's what I'm going to use as an excuse as to why I don't have a photo.)

My parents. What can I say about them!? They have helped shape me into who I am. They pointed me to the Lord, allowed me to fail, and helped me up when needed. I learned a lot of difficult lessons under their roof, and I am ever so grateful to have them love me unconditionally. It's been so great seeing them love their granddaughter, and I now recognize that they cared and sacrificed so much for me when I was a baby--I KNOW that they cared and sacrificed for me while growing up, but now that I have a child, I can TOTALLY see that and appreciate it at a new level of understanding. This photo is 7 years old, when they came down to Austin to run a race for a friend of mine that was battling cancer. THAT means so much. More than words can say.
I also find joy in a fresh cup of coffee--plus, peppermint mocha creamer can put a smile on this gal's face! Had you put a cup of coffee in my face a couple of years ago, I would have scoffed. Coffee is no longer a joke, it is a necessity. :)

Wanna join in on the #FridayFive fun? Check out Mrs. Disciple's page and share your Five Smiles!


  1. I'm very blessed to have a great set of parents as well. :)

    1. Brooke, parents are the absolute best!

  2. What a blessing to have so many beautiful people in your life! There are times I can get low, feeling alone. Lists like this remind my I am so rich! Thanks for linking up! #FridayFive

    1. I've so enjoyed these #FridayFive lists because of just that! I am truly blessed.