Monday, February 22, 2016

Running From Shame :: Guest Post at Dauntless Grace Ministries

I had the opportunity to share my story with Dauntless Grace Ministries regarding shame. I hope it brings you comfort as it did me when writing it. Check out their ministry! This is what they want, their vision, their hope--and I love it. I am so grateful to have been able to take a small part in that.

"Dauntless Grace Ministries was born out of a desire for women to have permission to be vulnerable. Too often, women are expected to have it all together. This is especially true of Christian women. We are afraid that if anyone sees the chaos in our hearts or our lives, then we will be judged, isolated, pitied."

Shame is something that many of us have experienced, if not all of us. With sin and brokenness in the world, shame exists. God is not in the business of shaming you, He is in the business of redeeming and loving you. That is the message I want you to hear!

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