Friday, February 19, 2016

#FridayFive :: Five Senses

As I link up with Mrs. Disciple for this Friday Five featuring our senses, I decided to go a little bit of a different route than I have previously with these postings, so bear with me. 


This season of Lent has drawn me deeper into the senses of experiencing life and death, and ultimately the resurrection of our King. Can you imagine what it must have been like? Put yourself the midst of the crowd, as you see the Savior crying out on the cross. The dry cracking earth below your feet is but an image of the depraved world that put Yahweh on the cross.

Hope is on that cross, the Messiah hanging on that tree for all of mankind's imperfections though He stands alone as perfectly perfect. The scent of the vinegar laden sponge pungently stings your nostrils as the guard raises it to the parched lips of Jesus for but a sip. The remnants of Jesus' body and blood that He broke for you are ever on your breath, but it serves as a beautiful reminder of His last supper on earth and so you treasure it. You hear Him cry out His final breath, and with it comes doubt, sadness, and yet a glimmer of hope and comfort knowing that He is no longer suffering. Hope and fear are coursing through your veins, not fully comprehending what is to come.

Alas, you race to the tomb that people are claiming is now empty. The garments that were once draping His sacrificial body are gingerly clasped in your hands. Hope soaked tears are rolling down your face. You know that this now means grace and redemption for all mankind; that which Jesus was telling of for years, but it's only now become a reality to you. Does this change you? How now do you live knowing that the Savior has risen?

I sit and reflect upon what happened on that cross, that is what the season of Lent is. Jesus did something extremely selfless that day thousands of years ago. Something that is necessary for my self-worth, because I am His. Let us now rejoice in this beautiful act of sacrifice for this is the good news.

How can you use your senses to fully reflect on the magnitude of Christ's death and resurrection in this Lenten season? 


  1. Your retelling of the death and resurrection of out Savior through the experiences of the senses is beautiful. I am saving this to read again the weeks leading up to Easter. Thank you, LaRae!

    1. Thanks so much, Kelly! What a neat idea--I may be doing that too!

  2. seeing His blood in the redness of the juice, feeling the crunch of His bones as I bite down on the bread. so harsh. for me. for my sin.

    1. Oh I know, just the thought makes me cringe. But it is also oh so necessary for the redemption of our souls! I love what you've added!