Sunday, February 21, 2016


We decided to take a leap this weekend by attending a fostering and adoption conference. There was SO much information presented and I know it will take time for us to process, think and talk, and pray through everything. We obviously don't want to make any emotional decisions, but after attending the conference there's one thing I know for sure: God commands us to care for the orphans. Commands.

It is a ministry, not just a way for us to grow our family as I once thought. I knew that before this weekend, but after hearing from families that have walked that path, the ministerial piece of this type of calling was extremely evident.

I came into the conference with the notion that if we are to adopt, then we should do it internationally, though we didn't have a country in mind. In truth, I am glad that we didn't have these decisions made before attending because it helped me see the opportunities laid before us prior to seeking out a path for our family. Maybe it was naive of me not to have done much research, but I do feel that this weekend was a beautiful time of learning. My eyes were opened to the different routes that adoption can take, and I am grateful for it. If I'm honest, the following are scary words to write but isn't that a part of faith? We know we want to take part in this ministry, but don't necessarily know what that will look like for our family. There is much to do, but it must first start with prayer.

I know there isn't much more to say yet because I am still processing all of it. Whatever this journey looks like for our family, we are going to do it with opens hands and hearts.  In excitement & anticipation, we surrender our decisions to Him--not for our gain, but His glory!

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