Saturday, January 16, 2016

#FridayFive :: Adjectives

The topic this week is very fitting, as I have decided to stay home with my daughter. At work, when someone leaves, we circle around them and edify them and then pray over them. These words (or descriptions of these words more or less) were said about me.

Extroverted: This is a blessing and a curse. Prayerfully more of a blessing than anything else! Being extroverted lends itself to a multitude of opportunities to be around other people and love them. Though sometimes I do need to recharge.
Creative: I love to make new things and problem solve in a unique way.
Kind: Helpful, giving, and generous. This is a demeanor that I want to instill in my daughter. Being kind is so important--simply smiling at someone may change their day.
Intentional: Seeking out relationships--each and every one. Prayerfully those on the receiving end know that they are loved, cared for, seen and heard. Deliberate with the words I say, the actions I live out, and the way in which I handle situations.
Loving: This is partnered with being intentional. I want to love and serve others well, with abandon.

What do I want my daughter to be?


It's funny, you see--when we found out that the gender of our child, I immediately started thinking about and reflecting on my characteristics, flaws, quirks, and the like. I know that she will embody some of them, as that is currently what she sees most.

Harper...I want her to be more decisive than I am.
A healthy mix of introvert and extrovert (because we're all a little of both!).
Someone who isn't afraid to make mistakes.
Someone who loves to serve and love others well.
Someone who finds her purpose in the Lord.
Someone who is brave enough to take on the challenges of this life, but isn't intimidated when she gets knocked down.
Someone who sees the good in others.
Someone who chases after the Lord with her whole heart.

But when I really think of my impact on my child and what characteristics I want her to take on, I realize that I am not doing this alone! There is no way I can instill all of the aforementioned items into my child alone. I need help! The Lord is the only one that can change and mold a soul and, boy, am I grateful!? Harper will see these characteristics in those she is around. At church. At home. In community. In fellowship. We cannot do it alone--it truly does take a village.

I know I've strayed from the adjectives; however, adjectives are applicable to a person that has been described as such. The adjectives are seen by others and pointed out. Affirmed by your community. Who is able to give an accurate description of you? Whomever it is, I encourage you to lean in to those people. They know you. Love you. Care for you.

Link up with Mrs. Disciple and describe yourself! What would your community describe you as?


  1. intentional is such a great word to have describe you!

    1. Thank you so much--that's my goal! :) I appreciate you saying that.

  2. This is a great reflection on a ceremony that you handled incredibly well, given that you were literally in the center of everyone's attention.

  3. This is a great reflection on a ceremony that you handled incredibly well, given that you were literally in the center of everyone's attention.

    1. 😀 thanks so much, Kirk! I am grateful I didn't embarrass myself....

  4. It is a good practice to write out a list of adjectives you would like to see in your child. It gives you a direction, helps you be more intentional with your parenting. Harper is a blessed little one to have such a creative, intentional, kind, and loving mom!

    1. You are so kind, Kelly! Thank you for seeing that in me and encouraging in! I would like to refer back to this list as Harper grows.