Friday, September 25, 2015

An Open Letter...To Me

You often have a million sticky notes everywhere to remind yourself of things. The importance of each of these events varies.

Rather than keeping a running record on old, crumpled sticky notes, I thought I could compose a letter to myself (or bullet points, if you will). This letter will be continued. My life will change and the things I need to remember may change upon the season of life I'm in.

Remember these things in this season...
-Let it go. Let the LORD take control of that which is already His. And that's everything. No one wants to be an Indian giver, so let it all go.

-Enjoy each giggle and coo. You never know when the last coo will be, and soon enough she will be into boys and may never want to talk to you about things. Cooing is the best. The best way to wake up is the cooing in the monitor, truly. Enjoy it.

-Sleep...some other time. It's okay. Your body will eventually tell you when you're in need of more than what you are giving. Sleep is often overrated as it is.

-Enjoy a bath. Umm, yes please. Bath salts, candles, fruit, wine and a good book. Relax, because this American life has taken its toll. We're taught 'hustle & bustle' early and it never stops. Rest. I'm sure the family won't fall apart while you are doing this. Life moves on, and you can step away to enjoy some 'you' time.

-Pray more. Prayer doesn't always have to take shape as one thinks. Prayer can take the form of hiking and running. Reading and singing. Playing and working. When viewed in that light, prayer is easy, amazing, and enjoyable! Do MORE of it.

-Let yourself off the hook. Jesus freed you from unrealistic expectations, don't put them back on. Don't look back. Enjoy it.

-Grace on grace on grace. Do it. Accept it. Show it. Give it. Love it. Practice it. Repeat previous steps until it is a habit.

-Encourage more. It's a spiritual gift after all. Enjoy it and enjoy all that it brings others too! Encourage your husband, your daughter, your friends. Encourage the community you have. Encourage others because you never know what people are going through. One simple expression of encouragement can change someone's day--whether or not you see it. No one will turn down an encouraging word. If they do, that's just plain weird...and it's not your problem.

-Savor each cup of coffee and meal with others. Community is life. Start a supper club or coffee dates. Just do it--you won't regret it.

These are reminders in my life to ENJOY life more! The LORD has come that we may have life and life to the FULL--John 10:10b. Just do it.


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  1. This is a great letter to yourself. I like that you talked to yourself in your own voice. It could have been an open letter to all of us, in some kind of wise overlord voice, but thankfully you talk to yourself the way you would talk to anyone. In that way, it is an open letter to everyone. Well done. You have some lovely thoughts and reminders.
    Thanks for posting!