Thursday, August 6, 2015


strong, healthy, and full of energy
synonyms: robust, healthy, hale and hearty, strong, sturdy, fit 
-characterized by or involving physical strength, effort, or energy. 

This is how I want to live life. With vigor. Our pediatrician described our daughter in this way. Now, that is my prayer for her!

In light of recent events that put my 6 month old daughter in the hospital, it has caused me to be reflective. I've learned a few things since this journey has begun:

Trust: Because we were in the hospital for 6 six days, it really got me thinking and trusting in the Lord's goodness. No matter what the doctors or hematologists would say, I knew that someone was fighting for my daughter--standing beside my family. We were covered in prayer, and still are! Doctors don't know exactly what's going on; however, we know that we can trust the Lord. He has her in His hands. He is forever good. If doctors don't find out what's wrong, we may never have the answer, even so--He. Is. Good. Always. Forever.

Balance my Beam: This hospital stay required me to push a lot of things off of my beam. Jen Hatmaker discusses this in her new book, For the Love. (You should DEFINITELY order it!) We each have our own beam to balance on. Essentially, we overload our beam because we say 'yes' to too many things. We cannot do it all. We simply cannot. During our time in the hospital, I sought to re-balance my beam--what things do I need in my life that are absolutely life-giving and what things can I set aside for another time? My community will forever be on my beam--I thrive on it. Activities to keep me busy/distracted--off the beam. Watching TV--off the beam for a while. Cherishing our time with our daughter--on the beam. I want to enjoy life, with vigor. I want to focus in on what's important and set aside the things that are not.

When you balance the beam you have, you CAN live life with vigor. That's what I want to do daily. I want to be intentional with the live I have been given.

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