Monday, June 7, 2010

Epic Float Trip

The float trip some friends and I took yesterday was the catalyst for Summer 2010!

We took, what we thought was going to be a 3 hour float, and completed our course in 6 hours. :o) Although it sounds crazy, it was enjoyable. However, my body is now burned and loathing me. (I look at the soon-to-be tan, and realize that it will be over soon!)

This summer, all the while looking for a teaching job, I will be babysitting and doing some childcare work! It'll be a good summer: floating the river, swimming laps with Anika, loving on kids, and interviewing for teaching positions! Tan LaRae...have you EVER seen that?!? Nope. But you will! And I look forward to the excitement that this summer will bring. I know that I'll fill my time with books and running and eating tons! S'mores and fun will be had by all!

I have made a commitment to become more physically fit, as well as spiritually fit! What an awesome journey this will be! I'm going to start my running program again tomorrow morning and I will be watching Anika (in which we will go to the pool!), and I am in the process of eating healthier. This will be an adventure and I will keep track of it in this manner...logging what physical exercise takes place each day and then keeping track of making healthy snack choices. We'll see how it goes!

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