Monday, November 9, 2009

Classroom Management

Math Blog #5

Classroom management in Mrs. Sanders first grade class is a little difficult during her math time. The students are antsy after lunch and look forward to recess afterward; therefore, it is difficult for Mrs. Sanders to keep all students truly engaged in the lessons. To call on students during math time, Mrs. Sanders pulls sticks out of a mug and calls on the picked student. She also has students constantly move from their desks to the carpet because the students are in need of some time to be active.

Because her math period is rather lengthy, Mrs. Sanders has her students use the restroom after calendar time. The break up during the math time has benefits: the students are able to be active, Mrs. Sanders is given the opportunity to make sure that all things are lined up for her succeeding math lesson, and students are given time to ask any questions he/she may have from previous day's lessons, etc.

The math lesson itself is generally one in which is given straight from the textbook the students have at their desks. Mrs. Sanders will give them example problems before going to the book, and the students will have time to explore the given problems, and the class will reconvene to discover the different answers the students got. From there, Mrs. Sanders will have the students get out their math books and do the corresponding pages.

The thing I have noticed in her class is that she does utilize one of the talk moves that we have discussed in class: wait time. She allots time during the lesson for students to sit and think after solving the problem. I truly enjoy seeing this in Mrs. Sanders' class, because I can truly see the students' thoughts whirling around in their heads! It's such an exciting time for me because I can see the students processing their thoughts and spitting them out for the class to hear.

Math in Mrs. Sanders' class is a whirlwind of activity; be it through calendar time, Mad Minutes, or the lesson...all of the students are busy doing something. They may not be on task at all times, but Mrs. Sanders does make sure that all students are learning.

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